Lara Trump: Twitter no longer ‘a platform for free speech’

Lara Trump told Fox Business on Friday that Twitter is no longer “a platform for free speech” after it attached notes on tweets from President Trump and the White House. 

The president’s daughter-in-law and campaign surrogate said Twitter is now “a publisher with editors and biases.”

Twitter earlier this week added fact-checking notes to tweets from Trump that suggested mail-in balloting could lead to increased voter fraud. There is no evidence that mail-in balloting leads to additional voter fraud in comparison to in-person voting. 

Overnight, Twitter added notes to tweets by Trump and the White House about the violent demonstrations in Minneapolis, saying the tweets violated its policies. 

Lara Trump said Twitter’s head of integrity, Yoel Roth, is “anti-Trump.”

“If you look at the head of their integrity fact checker, this guy is a person who is anti-Trump as they come, literally said that there were Nazis in the White House,” Lara Trump told “Mornings with Maria” anchor Maria Bartiromo. “So whenever you start fact-checking people, adding bias on top of things, you no longer become a platform for free speech. You become a publisher with editors and biases.”

Tweets from Roth unearthed by New York Post reporter Jon Levine showed the executive writing that President Trump is a “racist tangerine” and that there are “actual Nazis” in the Trump White House.

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A Twitter official said in a statement to The Hill, “No one person at Twitter is responsible for our policies or enforcement actions, and it’s unfortunate to see individual employees targeted for company decisions.”

Lara Trump and her husband, Eric Trump, joined social media upstart Parler this week, gaining more than 80,000 followers shortly after signing up.

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