Poll: Biden holds slight edge on Trump in Wisconsin

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a slight lead over President Trump in Wisconsin, according to a poll released by Marquette University.

The poll found 48 percent of respondents said they’d vote for Biden, compared with 45 percent for Trump. When put next to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Biden’s lone remaining rival in the Democratic Primary, Trump was ahead by 2 points.

This differs from a poll from last week by the conservative Restoration PAC that showed Trump ahead of Biden by 4 points and leading of Sanders by seven.

The poll also reported 65 percent support for Biden, and 32 percent support for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, which is still slated to take place in the state on April 7 amid a coronavirus stay-at-home order. On Wednesday, Sanders called on the state to postpone the election, as several other states have done.

FiveThirtyEight also has Biden projected to win the Wisconsin primary, a state Sanders won over Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Sanders, who is more than 300 pledged delegates behind Biden, would have to do exceedingly well in the remaining primaries to have a chance at the nomination, which he has admitted would is “going to be a very steep road.”

Wisconsin allocates 84 pledged delegates for the Democratic presidential nomination and Milwaukee has been selected to host the Democratic National Convention in July. There have been discussions to reschedule the convention as the coronavirus grips the nation.

The poll, which collected responses from 813 registered voters in Wisconsin, also found 51 percent of respondents approved of Trump’s coronavirus response, compared with 46 percent who disapproved.  

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