Tara Reade says Biden told her ‘I want to f–k you’ during alleged assault

As Joe Biden pinned Tara Reade up against a wall, he told her “l want to f— you,” the former staffer says in a new interview with Megyn Kelly — giving her most graphic, detailed account yet of their 1993 encounter.

Tasked with bringing Biden’s gym bag to him in his Senate office, Reade, who was then a junior staffer, rushed there in her high heels, and was greeted by the senator by name.

What happened next “happened very quickly,” Reade said in the interview, which will be posted in its entirety to Kelly’s Twitter account on Friday — and an advance copy of which has been shared with The Post.

Clips released earlier Thursday revealed that Reade wishes Biden would drop out of the 2020 campaign because he “should not be running on character;” she also said she would take a lie detector test if Biden himself did so too.

“I remember being pushed up against the wall,” Reade said in the clip obtained by The Post.

“The first thought I had was ‘Where’s the bag?’ which is an absurd thought, but that’s what I thought,” she said.

Becoming emotional, Reade continued her account.

“He had his hands underneath my clothes, and it happened all at once, so when I tell about it, it’s hard because so many things were happening at once, it’s like my brain was trying to catch up to what was happening,” she said.

“So, he had one hand underneath my shirt, and the other had, I had a skirt on, and he went down my skirt and then went up and I remember I was up almost on my tippy toes.

“When he went inside the skirt, he was talking to me at the same time, and he was leaning into me and I pulled this way away from his head.”

As he kissed her neck, he asked in a whisper if she wanted to go somewhere else, she said.

Although she can’t remember everything he said, she still remembers him saying: “I want to f–k you.”

“He said it low and I was pushing away and I remember my knee hurting because he had opened my legs with his knee and our kneecaps clashed so I felt like a sharp pain.

“His fingers were inside of my private area – my vagina – and there was no small talk, there was no precept, it was just sudden and it was happening like that.

“He was saying those things to me and I was pulling away.”

When she refused his advances and was “obviously just tensed up and frozen” Reade said Biden pulled back.

“He looked at me and said ‘What the hell, man, I heard you liked me.’ ”

Reade said that she thought the encounter was her fault.

“I immediately started thinking what I did, how I brought this on – did I say something to somebody, did I give an impression … my mind was racing.

“In that moment I knew this was really bad – I knew, it was more than just the assault; it was really bad.

“He was angry and I could feel – it wasn’t that yelling angry, but that hostility, and he pulled back and he was just looking at me directly, he pointed his finger at me and he said ‘You’re nothing to me. You’re nothing.’ ”

Starting to weep, Reade continued: “And I think that’s the hardest thing, and I know people talk about the assault, but his words, those words, stayed with me my whole life.

“And as I’ve been trying to tell my story, and kind of been torn apart trying to tell it, those words come back … it was cruel, so when he saw me, obviously, start to get upset by what he said, he took me by the shoulders and kind of shook me and said, ‘You’re ok, you’re alright.’ ”

She said she remembers small things, like trying to put her shoe back on, and her aching knee, and his smell.

Although she “wanted to say ‘stop,’ ” she couldn’t, she said, adding, “Sometimes, when I’ve had a few bad dreams about it, I wake up yelling ‘stop’. ”

As for Biden, she said: “He didn’t look at me again; he picked up the gym bag, he turned around, and he walked away and he never looked back.”

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