BIDEN: ‘Workers Don’t Have to Leave Work to Be Fired in Order When They Get Sick to be Able to Live!’

Former Vice President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign this week; rambling through a series of questions on social media when asked to comment on paid sick leave during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Workers don’t have to leave work to get, to be fired, in order when they get sick to be able to continue to live!” said Biden.

Biden made similar comments last week; suggesting more than 600,00 Americans have died from the virus.

“Over 600,000 dead. Many are workers, nurses, doctors, because they have put themselves in a position to save other people’s lives and protect the rest of society. We talk about that number, 600-plus thousand people… 60? 60-thousand, I misspoke.

To date, approximately 65,000 Americans have died from confirmed cases of the disease.

Watch Joe’s bizarre comments above.

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